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Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is the third most populous city with an enormous herd of 11 million people, the fifth most populous agglomeration in India has also been recognized as the silicon valley of India for the vast number of its exports that it contributes to India.

Its economy is primarily service-oriented and industrialized. Being the second most fastest-growing metropolitan city of the country the capital city is one of the favorable business destinations in the country. So far, it is the fifth city in India to hold the maximum number of Fortune cities after other famous cities of the country.

Why Silicon Valley of India?

Silicon Valley has originated from San Francisco which is home to so many worlds-

famous brands like Apple, Facebook, and Google which implies that a city is a place the

technological hub. Similarly, Bangalore is also a hotspot for technology with millions of

corporations which help it to extend its market to Asian companies and other multinational


Apart from this, the city has created endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to shine and expand.

For example, Ola which first developed in Mumbai and relocated its headquarters to Bangalore.

Figgs has once compared Bangalore to Silicon Valley as the city is having the headquarters of many world-famous brands. Swiss entrepreneur and business icon Andre Matter has also

followed the calling of Bangalore and praised it for its entrepreneur mindset of the people which has impacted his team and helped them to grow rapidly.



The city is home to 10000 startups or locations which are commercial buildings where business

entrepreneurs meet to have business meetings. This has given a vast scope to develop business in the city which also provides opportunities to employment to a great deal.

The two upcoming giants of the country –Infosys and Wipro are also having their offices in

the city which is providing a great opportunity for the people to work. Thus the prime reason has supported the city to be gain international recognition as the Silicon Valley of the country.


There are chunks of building in the cities and with a vast crowd, the city is open to all sorts of business and occupation and has been home to many people. Thus pest is a harmful and disturbing factor that has been interrupting the lives of people. Therefore to counter this problem the city has been home to many local and foreign pest control companies which provide fast-moving facilities for pest control treatment in both residential and non-residential commercial places.


Tired of pests? Here is a solution to upkeep the reputation, sanitation, and peace of the

commercial companies with minimum rate and fast service as provided by acuity pest control. Acuity pest control has been serving its companies to counter pests like cockroaches, bugs, and termites, mosquitoes, fly which carry a vast amount of germs with them, therefore, affecting the health of the people.

The company provides low-cost, fast, and convenient service for commercial pest control where it follows three steps for exterminating the whole host of creepy pests in your office. The pest doctor investigates the area for free, customizes plans, and starts the pest treatment. The post-the treatment provides necessary checking in after a required time and also educates and makes the people understand necessary steps to be taken in the commercial building to stop further infestation thus giving you a soothing workplace.

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