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On 26 November 2021, WHO designated variant B.1.1.529 a variant of concern,

named Omicron, on the advice of WHO's Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution.

Acuity Pest Control protects you and your family by fighting this variant for the

coronavirus. It provides proper sanitization and disinfectants. We provide the fastest

service at the cheapest cost. Our team of supporters includes knowledgeable pest

doctors and pest control terminators who keep on updating their knowledge based on

the virus. We assure you a healthy life and pest and virus-free lifestyle at a minimum


How does this virus spread?

Acuity Pest Control protects from this deadly virus that engulfs the life of millions daily.

According to WHO and on its recommendation, Acuity Pest Control also enlightens

people about the spreading of disease and safety measures that people should take.

The Pest doctors and the terminators always use masks, proper PPE kits, and

sanitation. Acuity Pest Control also does welfare to the customers by spreading

messages regarding safety measures. They RE-

The most effective steps individuals can take to reduce the spread of the COVID-19

the virus is to keep a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others; wear a well-fitting

mask; open windows to improve ventilation; avoid poorly ventilated or crowded spaces;

keep hands clean; cough or sneeze into a bent elbow or tissue, and get vaccinated

when it's their turn.

How does our pest control teamwork?

Here in Acuity, We provide the best sanitization service to your home –OMICRON AND


directly visit the place and our pest and sanitation group makes a quick survey of the

contaminated spots that need to be cleaned. Further, the whole procedure is done

under the supervision of pest experts and pest doctors.

What do our sanitization and pest control experts use?

We use high-quality machines such as ULV fogging Disinfection treatment, Steam

sanitization, and aerial disinfection is the most appropriate way to sanitize your home

and workspace. Use of EPA-approved high-quality disinfectants that do not allow stains

on fabrics, furniture, or important official documents.

The pest control team of Acuity Pest Control works smoothly and ensures revisit if need

in stipulated time. It works hard to serve the customers and thereby earn their trust and

friendship. We use a user-friendly and 5star protection method and on contacting we

provide a free inspection service too.

What are the services we provide?

We provide Disinfection Sanitizing Fumigation services to

 1. Hospital & Clinic Sanitization

 2. Corporate & Small Office Sanitization

 3. Residential Sanitization Service

 4. Commercial & Industrial Sanitization Service

 5. Gym & Salons Sanitization Service

 6. Logistics & Container Sanitization Service

 7. School/College Sanitization Service

 8. Cabs Sanitization Service

Acuity pest control services provide the best pest control services in Bangalore offers

the best pest control services in Bangalore in addition it cares for well being and health

of your family. Acuity pest control service in Bangalore is the best service available in

the area which has stood the test of time by providing excellent service. Acuity pest

control service is considered to be the best pest control service in the area for its

interminable services and for its motto of providing satisfactory services to the

customers which is noteworthy.

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