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Everyone has an opportunity to identify and report pest problems and conditions

that lead to pest infestations Improperly managed pest problems and improper pesticide use can lead to health risks for children, given the significant time they spend in and around schools. Many schools have environmental conditions conducive to pest infestations. Reducing unnecessary exposures to pests and pesticides improves health and attendance, and leads to greater academic achievement. Healthier school environments enable children to learn and produce more in the classroom, which ultimately leads to a more productive, higher quality life. Children are more likely to experience adverse health effects than adults

when exposed to these risks due to their small body size about the amount of

contaminant or pathogen. Not only are their brains and other organs still developing and

more vulnerable, but children's hand-to-mouth and ground contact behaviors also

increase the likelihood that they will come into contact with pests, pathogens, and


Pests find homes in many places in and around schools, such as:

Cafeterias - pests are attracted to food and water in confined locations, such as

between appliances and cabinets.

Classrooms - pest populations increase in untidy areas, such as desks and


Lockers - clutter and food can quickly collect in lockers throughout the school

year, providing a safe harbor and breeding grounds for pests.

Gyms and locker rooms - these areas can be warm and poorly ventilated,

providing breeding grounds for pests.

Dumpsters - waste receptacles and surrounding areas are vulnerable to pest

problems, especially when they are close to school buildings.

Exterior conduits - all openings to the outdoors provide easy entry access for


Landscapes, school grounds, and athletic fields - neglected landscapes can

attract a wide variety of pests, including those that destroy school structures.

Buses - present unique pest control challenges when schools initiate programs

such as Breakfast on the Bus.

IPM reduces the use of pesticides by first monitoring pest populations to determine

where, when, and what kind of controls should be applied. Schools can reduce pests

in pest infestations by identifying and removing conditions that will attract pests.

Preventive measures are easy to implement and often improve the overall

maintenance of the school. These measures can include:

 Restricting where food is eaten.

 Moving dumpsters and food disposal containers away from the school.

 Repairing and maintaining leaking pipes.

 Pressure cleaning food service areas.

 Sealing cracks and crevices.

 Instituting sanitation measures.

 Cleaning gutters and directing water flow away from buildings to prevent


 Educating students and staff about how their actions affect pest management

and control.

After the initial service is complete the exterminator will visit the place every quarter to

reapply the outside barrier along with proper notification will be left on the front door to

let you know the protection has been renewed.

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