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Say bye to the unwanted intruders in your home with Acuity Pest Control. Pests are very

disturbing but unfortunately, they are part of the ecosystem. However here's a solution to the problem. Joining hands with famous commercial sectors Acuity Pest Control has stood to eradicate unwanted pests with required, fast, experienced service under minimum cost.

We treat your home like our home. The exterminators are quite experienced with 14 years of

excellence in the field of hospitals, industries, IT companies, software industries, and many other commercial areas by eradicating pests. Acuity Pest Control provides the best service

providing proper knowledge about the pests and required treatment. You can say a permanent Goodbye to these creepy foreigners forever with Acuity Pest Control.


As the teeth of the rodents continue to grow over their lifetime, they need to gnaw on hard

substances such as lead and plastic pipes, insulation material, and electric wiring. This habit increases the risk of short circuits and fires. In addition to this, they transmit several dangerous diseases like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and even tapeworms. Acuity Pest Control assures you proper treatment and will help you to keep these fatal and infectious diseases away. Our team will reach your place based on commercial or residential, hospitals, industries, IT companies, software industries, and many other commercial areas plots within a stipulated time slot. The exterminator will check out the types of rodents infesting and dwelling in the area and will find the source of these rodents too. Then the pest doctor will be consulted and required treatment will be provided. Post-treatment Acuity Pest Control assures you revisit and examination if needed. Even pest doctors provide you free advice about what precautions you should take post extermination of pests. The treatment varies for different rodents. Further our team with pest expertise will use RTI approved pesticides for treatment which are odorless, non-infectious with a guarantee. The inspectors will interrogate you about any sort of infections or allergies for convenience and use the pesticides accordingly if you are allergenic towards any chemical or product used as a pesticide.

Common Rodent Types

More common rodents fall under major suborders. The suborder Myomorpha consists of

mouse-like rodents and features a big number of mouse and rat spices, like hamsters, lemmings, voles, muskrats, gerbils, dormice, and jerboas. Most of these rodents are called Commensal rodents since they live with or are in close relationship to humans. The most typical commensal rodents would be the house mouse, the Norway rat, as well as the roof rat. These rodents spoil our food by polluting it with faces, haired dander. These pests are found in houses, supermarkets, and restaurants throughout us as well as the warehouse and food processing services. The avoidance and control of the commensal rodent inhabitants are a big concern in several states where these pests can flourish.


Make your office or commercial space rodent-free to enjoy your working hours with Acuity Pest Control. The company provides a rodent-free environment thereby helping you to work

peacefully without interruption by the disturbing and uninvited pests. You can have a better

life and surrounding with minimal costs as inspected by the pest terminator.

Residential rodent control Acuity pest control service is considered to be the best pest control service in hospitals, industries, IT companies, software industries, and many other commercial areas for its interminable services and for its motto of providing satisfactory services to the customers which is noteworthy. It helps to keep your houses authenticity and reputation. Acuity Pest Control service provides 5-star protection from the house along with noteworthy services available in the company's service list.


For a natural service to your rodent control issues, the Acuity Pest Control service is aimed to protect you and your family from pest control issues. The company uses industrialized,

modern equipment to make your place safer, greener, and more affordable. Acuity Pest

Control with its long 14 years of experienced workmen aims to provide you with a well-

planned service. They don't just spray to exterminate the rodents but find the source by

proving a pre-plastered wall resealing the entry points of the rodents too.

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